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You Make Me Sick - Opening Saturday 28th September 3 - 5pm

Friday 28th September - Tuesday 2nd of October 
WBA Parkville Master of Curation and Southbank Honours lunch and Artist Talk.
Friday 28th September - 1pm - 3pm 

You Make Me Sick
The aggressive sickness you get in the bottom of your stomach when you’re falling for someone. We are scared that we will be in a relationship long enough to hate each other. This is a desperate attempt to keep our love from the impending doom of complacency…

‘you make me sick’ is the third curatorial collaboration between Lucy Foster and Bill Hawkins. Lucy and Bill are both currently studying at the VCA and are in a relationship together. By deconstructing events that occurred on the night of their first date, a number of artists who were present on the evening will be brought together to interpret feelings of love.

Artists: Lucy Foster, Linsey Gosper, Bill Hawkins, Chris Sciuto, Frances Sharp and Andrew Vinh Truong.

Toys R Us
14th of July 3-5pm

Toys R Us group exhibition by VCA’s 3rd-year visual art Critical Art and Theory (C.A.T.S) students.

Curated by Chris Madden and Beth Downing.

The Toys R Us show will delve into a collection of childhood and ado- lescence memories, showing a range of sculptural and painted works inspired by the artists’ nostalgias. Works will also be informed by the critical writings of child psychoanalysts such as Deleuze, Melanie Klein and D. W. Winnicott.

To complete the theme our Toys R Us opening event will serve as a comforting afternoon tea with nostalgic children’s party snacks.